Was out on a quick small drive in the Snoqualmie Valley, and suddenly came into this tiny itty bitty dead end neighborhood Ghibli Movie looking community. I mean, it's four houses literally facing each other between a one-lane road, up on a hill, looking over Preston.

I fell in love with it in just a few minutes. To the point that I came back for pictures. From the outside, it looks pretty tiny, but according to the sellers website, it's got three bedrooms a dining area and living room in a 1450 sq foot area, which isn't much bigger than the apartment I have. It's tiny, and the interiors look to also be very small and cozy. Just my thing (Although three bedrooms is a bit much).

It's still in the valley, it's right off the freeway, it's in an isolated part of a town that makes Duvall look like Houston. It's a lovely house in a lovely place.

But even before I left the lot, I knew I could never afford it, even with the land sale money, and I've just been laid off, and I need to look at surviving the next few months, much less consider talking about buying a house. And then they want $600k for it, and well, yeah. I can't afford a house out here, which is why I rent.

But it is a very cute house, in a very cute place, and in a perfect world, is where I'd live out my days.

But, c'est la vie....

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