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I've been on Mastodon a little over two years, but I've never done an Introduction, so in keeping with the tone of, an intro:

So, that spinal injection? Works pretty well if you ask me.

My first art since the whole pinched nerve thing started. An image I had in a dream a few weeks ago that's been haunting me....

my husband is doing a masters in history & i’m trying to manipulate him into saying stuff like this in class

Read the September 2023 News from the Second Life Team for updates on User Interface, Bug Fixes, Scripting, GLTF, Mobile, Linden Homes, and more!


#SecondLife #SecondLifeNews #LindenLab #metaverse #LindenHomes #DeveloperUpdates #GridUpdates

Mumblegrumble. Your regular reminder that young people are still people, with agency and ideas and thoughts and beliefs.

Yes, sometimes when they are young they are also your responsibility, but this does not negate that they are individual humans and should be respected for such.

Last Boost: I've been out and trans since 1997, and rarely wear dresses or skirts because the wrong puberty made my body shape "overweight linebacker."

you WANT an independent third party slowing down the release process. you WANT a volunteer looking over corporate stuff and making sure it doesn't do anything obviously hostile. you WANT the software's build process to be conducted either on your machine or in your Linux distro's build farm, so that the details of it can be monitored by tooling that scans for known-vulnerable versions and so on.

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Last Boost: Suddenly not feeling so bad about not getting that video game scriptwriting job.

Good on them. I’ve heard many woeful things about the video game industry over the years.

SAG-AFTRA members overwhelmingly vote in favour of authorising video game strike

I would like to congratulate Google on providing us with the most well-documented, 25-year downhill slide of any corporation to date.

My egg had LONG since cracked when I first saw this, but Ranma 1/2 crushed that shell when I first saw it back in 1989. Got it through a penpal off the air in Japan. No subtitles, just a lot of guessing based on context. And I got all the context I needed.

The oldest surviving torrent we have seen is a copy of the Matrix fan film "The Fanimatrix." The torrent was created in September 2003 and will turn 20 years old in a few days.

lately I've seen stories about how anti-trans activism is increasingly cloaking itself under the guise of "parental rights." but it's also crucial to note the many parallels between this movement & the anti-vaxx parent movement (especially spreading medical disinformation):
#trans #transgender #LGBTQ

May I offer you a can of Windows Home Server in these trying times?

Big news: employees at the three Hex & Company board game café locations in NYC have presented management with a notice of their desire to unionize. They're being represented by Workers United (the same group helping unionize Starbucks locations).

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Drive-in Saturday: you're all becoming stronger, faster hunters.