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I've been on Mastodon a little over two years, but I've never done an Introduction, so in keeping with the tone of, an intro:

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Being up late at night, and often with the windows open on nice cool nights, I'll occasionally hear something that sounds like a loud explosion. Not just here in Washington, but I've heard it in PA and Texas. I've never seen news about them, or ambulance sirens. But I always wonder what those sounds are.

In Texas, particularly in San Antonio, I could write it off as being a loud noise from a nearby concrete plant (In fact, a lot of "wierd noise" videos I see I'm like "is there a plant nearby, cause that sounds like a plant of some sort"), but out here, it's all farms.....

I love that the Barbie movie is marketing itself as "If you love Barbie, this is the movie for you. If you hate Barbie, this is the movie for you."

Wow, I haven't been this sick in a while. According to the test I just took, it's not covid, but, wow, it's knocked me out multiple times today.

I've said I would only play years of the Kingdom "two days on, one day off" and today is a day off. But I'm sick as a dog right now. Dare I spend another day in world?

My main regret working in the tech industry is I work in a field that is not protected by unions, and that any union talk leads to immediate termination. I had one job even ask me to stop using "union" as a phoenetic for U.

Looking at you, Dell.

Brain: Pizza is pizza. Is pizza, is dancing, is music, is potatoes. So, pizza is pizza. Okay? Peoples is peoples. Is pizza gone? Yes. Is peoples worrying? Is peoples looking? Is no come? But is peoples working? Is water boiling? Is come. Yeah. Peoples is peoples.

Jenn: What I'm getting is, you really want pizza?

Finished the Zora Water Temple section today. Compared to Queen Gibdos on 4 hearts? Piece of cake.

Which is great, because the entire time I was fearing for my life from hanging off the edges of cliffs and jumping across little gaps that are fine, but if you miss, IT'S A LONG WAY DOWN.

I love that they kept Sidon's little superhero pose. I couldn't catch the tooth gleam, though.

As much as I'm liking Tears of the Kingdom, the lack of context clues is really wasting my time, she said attempting to solve a puzzle that ended up being solved the exact way I was solving it, but not in the exact way the game wanted.

I would like to thank the creators of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for puting together a quest that involves height, falling, semi-uncontrollable jumping and poop water. Every single one of my phobias and squicks in one go.

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