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I've been on Mastodon a little over two years, but I've never done an Introduction, so in keeping with the tone of, an intro:

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You know what would be awesome? A Sisko's Creole Kitchen pop-up restaurant. 24th Century Creole Cuisine. :9

If only Brock Peters was stil alive to tour the room every so often as Joseph Sisko.

Tonight's Episode of Night Gallery is "Tell David."

One of the characters has a "Map Machine" to give directions to a lost traveler. It's neat to see what "Mapquest" would have been like with 1971 sensibilities.

The machine still uses pages, like an atlas, it just scrolls. To look up roads, you have to find the name in table, like in old atlases, then dial in the grid. The directions are miniature incandecent lights, but honestly, that's likely just "It's 1971, and the prop guy has to use what he has."

Funky 1971 Mapquest. :D

I've always wanted emerald green hair, but my skin color is just too dark for it....

One day someone will call in and say "I'm getting a 50099 error code on my Nintendo DS browser" only to look on in horror as the Nintendo DS browser actually still does work and the last person who knew how to fix this has left Nintendo some time ago.


Who am I kidding, I'm the only one still checking to see if this works....

A judge in Texas ruled that books removed from public libraries because of their LGBTQ and racial content, must be placed back onto shelves within 24 hours

Okay, after all the work I did to hack my two 3DS systems, I start the Nintendo DS app to finally check that everything is finalized and done, and this comes up.

For a split second, my heart stopped thinking I broke something.

It's an April Fool's joke....

I had planned an April Fool's stream today, but my cough is really bad the last few days. Maybe next year.

I'm actually not the biggest fan of April Fool's day, since most posts that day simply can't be trusted. The AF streams I've done tend to be more silly things, versus trying to fool you, like streaming 7 hours (SEVEN HOURS) of Zork Text Adventures ( or Not Actually Playing A Game, just running the cutscenes (

The "Geared Down" diet. Costs me about $175 a week, has a few more calories than I'd like, but stays inside my blood sugar requirements.

At least I know some good steak/pork/chicken seasonings to vary it up....

While I was digging through my SD cards, I came across a 1TB SSD that was just hanging out in my box of digital storage stuff. thje Gaming PC I had has a criminally small HDD (made smaller because it's split between Linux and Windows), so I transferred the OS over to that.

I like using Linux on low end systems cause it doesn't eat a lot of processing power or storage space. It was surprising to see that Linux had 128GB of the 256GB partition filled out.

But with the 1TB drive in there (split between 512GB each for Linux and Windows) I don't think that'll be an issue for a while.

There's nothing to debate. Trans people exist and deserve to exist. There's going to be a lot of bs spewing out of politicians mouths this year. There will be a lot of outlandish claims against trans people with the purpose of discrediting and making them seem dangerous. As an ally we need to call this stuff out when we see it, online and irl. Their rhetoric is what's truly dangerous and we need to stand against it #TransgenderDayofVisibility

Had something wierd happen today with on of my SD cards.

There's a lot of shenangians going on over here trying to find an SD card for 40GB of data that I simply didn't have any SD cards for. They were either too small (32GB), or FAR too large (512GB). I found a 200GB one I could use and copied the 3DS data to it.

And it promptly failed. The 3DS would not see it, or would see it, but couldn't recognize it. I'd put it in my PC, and the both Linux and Windows could see it just fine: a 200GB SD Card formatted in FAT32.

I had it checked with F3 to see if it was a counterfeit card (I had to deal with a LOT of counterfeits at NOA, where they'd bought a 2TB card (which didn't exist at the time) for $10 (really?) and in reality it was a 2GB card hacked to read 2TB.), and it was a proper 200GB card.

I kind of gave up on it, and put the data on my 400GB card (wasting 90% of it's current capacity), and put the 200GB card in my laptop to format. It also saw the card, but couldn't read it correctly. It was the correct size, but the format was "Unknown."

So I had THAT Linux format it in FAT32, and it recognized it, and so did the 3DS. But why would it work on my PC just fine before?

Don't matter - I've got a 64GB card coming in tomorrow, so I can clean out the larger SD cards and use them in something that could use the space....

There were FOURTEEN Air Bud movies?! IT WAS A FRANCHISE?!

JUST IN: A federal judge has just ORDERED Llano County Texas to return "all books" that were removed from their libraries due to their content or viewpoint.

Library patrons successfully argued that "content-based restrictions" were likely unconstitutional.

The Texas judge is also prohibiting the officials from removing any more books while a lawsuit remains pending.

The books that were banned included a book for teens that calls the Ku Klux Klan a terrorist group, Isabel Wilkerson’s “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” and a comedic children’s book with three stories from Dawn McMillan’s “I Need a New Butt!” series.

The decision could set wide reaching precedent in light of recent book banning in Florida, supported by Ron DeSantis.

What a great victory for books! 💙

Listen, I love snow as much as the next person, but....really? REALLY?

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