This Week's Meals roundup:

Koshari: Carb-o-rama (60g per Jenn-sized serving) but given that it has rice, vermicelli AND macaroni, I kinda expected it to be. BUT HOLY COW THAT'S GOOD. The tomato sauce and the hot spices make this so so so tasty. I liked it so much, I don't even mind the chickpeas. Would totally make this again.

Kuku Choma: Essentially African spicy hot wings. Needs salt, but is pretty tasty. They need to be grilled, and I ended up using my broiler and a grating to grill these. Might be better if (1) I grill them correctly and (2) get them to near blackened like the picture showed them to be.

Spaghetti "Carbonara." Eh, it's good and tasty. Absolutely Spaghetti Carbonara. But with the fusion elements of miso, sesame seeds and sea weed just not coming across in the flavor, Il'll just make regular Spaghetti Carbonara next time. It's cheaper and tastes just as good.

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