Well, now that it's February, Phase II of the job search begins.

Phase I was all of January, asking friends if they have any openings where they worked. I applied for most of them, usually days before their companies announced their own layoffs.

Phase II is still looking for work, but now seeking it out. I'm specifically looking fro full time employment, and from 60K to 80K a year. That's all this month.

Phase III is March, where we go into desperation mode and just grab onto anything that will get some money coming in. Contract, low pay, anything to just get an income.

After March, Phase III contiinues, but we're back into survival mode, too. Basically, just hunkering down, spending as little as possible, trying to run out the lease so I don't get hit with a massive penalty, and spending every minute looking for work.

During the first Dot Com bust in 2001, i spent nearly three years unemployed because there simple wasn't any work. I found work in 2003,m nd it took until 2008 to get my feet back under me.

I'm hoping that won't be the case here, but luck, hope and faith and I haven't been on speaking terms in a long time.

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