There are a number of things I ordered for delivery before the layoff. Ironically, one is a statuette I bought for myself as a "I survived one year at Tableau" that likely won't get here until months after the layoff.

Cartoon Accurate Starscream was one of those pre-orders, and I finally got it, although not in the way I expected. I made the order in October, for delivery in January, which Walmart then delayed to February. Then I noticed their website said one was at the Walmart up the street. So I put in the order, it went through, and I picked it up. Then cancelled the pre-order.

Anyways, I love how the Cartoon Accurate Starscream looks on the right, versus the Vintage G1 Starscream on the left. The no-sticker looks was something I had already done with my original Ramjet and Thrust, never putting the stickers on, and leaving their cone-heads up to look like the cartoon. I do wish, however, they'd left his face black. In the cartoon, his face is darker than the other seekers who do have white faces and black "helmets."

Cartoon Accurate Hot Rod is still on delay, and doesn't seem available anywhere just yet, so I'll wait a bit longer on it. The money was already paid, so it's not gonna hurt me cash wise. But at the same time, I may need that cash later....

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