Tonight's TNG was "The Wounded."

I love Rosalind Chao's Keiko O'Brien. She's such a sharper more intense character than the easy going and laid back O'Brien, and the dynamic really works for them as a happily, if occasionally antagonistic married couple.

I'm actually one degree of separation from her in real life. She was on the set of The Big Brawl, which my dad was the camera truck driver for the shoot. Which technically makes me one degree of separation from Jackie Chan now that I think about it. He said she was actually really nice and sweet, but wasn't on the shoot for very long.

Also in this episode, I noticed The Two Datas sitting together! Sitting at one of the forward stations is Guy Vardaman (bottom left), who often doubled for Brent Spiner as Data, as well as was in the background quite a bit. AND was also the inspiration for Guy Fleegman in Galaxy Quest, the character who wasn't important enough for a name.

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