"Why do you use Linux over Windows, Jenn?"

Lemme tell ya - I'm an old DOS user. I like hardware access control over my computers so if I want something done, the OS can complain, but it won't stop me. Linux allows that. Windows does not....

So, I'm trying to get my Ethernet and my Wi-Fi on my laptop to work together on the same IP for ease of use when remoting into the system.

The plan:
1) Set up the system to disable the Wi-Fi when the ethernet is plugged in and re-enable it when unplugged.
2) Set up both interfaces with the same IP.

1) Quick script to hotswap the devices. COMPLETE
2) Assign the same IP to both devices. COMPLETE
Result: SUCCESS! And quick too.

1A) In the device manager, look for the setting to Disable the NIC when ethernet is plugged in. FAILED - setting doesn't exist, despite documentation that it does.
1B) Update NIC drivers for setting. FAILED - setting doesn't exist, despite documentation that it does.
1C) Find a command line that allows the hotswap based on setting up a task via event viewer in Windows. FAILED - only works when plugging in, not unplugging
1D) Debug the script to find out why it won't disable the WiFi when plugged in. FAILED - can't see why it's not working...
1E) Erase the disconnect script, copy paste it again. COMPLETE. For some reason.
2A) Assign the static IP to my ethernet. COMPLETE
2B) Assign the same static IP to my Wifi. FAILED. Windows gave me an error saying I SHOULDN'T put the same IP on two devices, but allowed me to save anyway. Then stripped the IP, leaving it blank.
2C) Repeat the above several times, as per Microsofts instructions. - FAILED
2D) Disconnect the ethernet and try again. FAILED. Same error.
2E) Attempt to force the ip addresses to both devices. FAILED, access denied
2F) Go into Regedit, allow the permissions, and try again. FAILED, was allowed permission to rewrite finally, but got "The Object Already Exists."
2G) Attempt to remove all network profiles: FAILED. "Access Denied."
2H) Go back into Regedit, find another pemission to change, and tried again: SUCCESS - now able to flush all profiles.
2I) Assign IP Address to Wi-Fi: SUCESS
2J) Assign IP Address to Ethernet: FAILED "The Object already exists."
Result: FAILURE - After two hours of something that SHOULD work, and Windows even tells you "you can save this configuration, but it won't work" and then doesn't let you save it.

I like having hardware access control to my computer when I need it, and Windows took that away around Windows ME.

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@dolari im currently running a fork of arch called endeavour os on a thinkpad x220 and i like it a lot.

@Mondobizarrro - Arch is fun. Arch taught me a lot about Linux, but at the same time, I couldn't get a really good functioning OS out of it because trying to get everything working together was ROUGH.

@dolari endeavour is much easier to set up, which is its whole selling point. You should check it out in a vm its quite nice. I run it with lxde since that runs the fastest for me (i chose all the options for things that have less than 2gb of ram despite having 16gb ddr3 ram on this x220)

@dolari also #Windows is #bloated #Govware, inherently insecure and.doesn't even come with the most basic tool out of the box, like a useable #shell (neither #fish nor #zsh nor #bash!)[#Linux Subsystem for Windows doesn't count as it's not default preinstalled and integrated] nor trivial things like a #PackageManager or working #updates & #upgrades.

Shit that Linux does for 15+ years now...

@dolari whereas even for #Windows-Fans there are simple tools like #netplan ( ) that just allow simply setup a failover-#bond between #Wifi and #Ethernet and assign it one #IPv4 (and even #IPv6)...

And it just works...

Note: #netplan does not run on Windows, because Windows is trash!

@kkarhan - Thanks for that. I rarely use Windows these days, but I'll look into that!

@dolari actually no.

I meant it's easy for those wanting to switch from Windows to Linux...

It doesn't run on Windows!

I've been Windows-free for 10 years and I only regret not hven made the jump 5 years earlier...

@kkarhan - My bad. I thought you were mentioning a program to do that network switching via Windows.

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