That electric Ford F150/ecetric Chevy Silverado is calling to me. I don't like trucks that aren't long bed, but the fact that the front end is also hauling space might make it count as a long bed.

Cheyenne's long bed has really saved my butt more than a few times, but more for "how much I can stuff in there" than "I needed a long bed for everything to fit."

The only reason I'm still considering a gas-powered Chevy with a long bed, is that when you choose a long bed Chevy, a lot of the super flashy "pretty truck" options go away cause they think you're using the long bed for, you know, doing truck stuff and not as a status symbol.

Also, as Click has taught me, I don't need back seats. I rarely drive people around anywhere....

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@dolari @Aminorjourney @pyoor i personally dislike trucks and the only ones that ever interested me are the tiny trucks in asia.

That or a toyota hilux from the 90s/late 90s-early 2000s ford ranger or mazda b3000 (which is literally just a rebadged ford ranger)

@Mondobizarrro @pyoor @Aminorjourney - I drove my old 1991 Chevy Cheyenne Pickup for 21 years.

While my Mazda 3 is nice, it has back seats that are pristine cause they're never used and the trunk space (even with the back seats down) is far too small when I need it, and reminds me that having my pickup worked way better for me.

As my dad and I say "There are pretty trucks and there are working trucks" and I'm more interested in a working truck, because I actually USE them for hauling and moving when it's not my daily driver.

@dolari @pyoor @Aminorjourney the main reason why i dont want a truck is i only want a truck if i need it and honestly i only see myself needing a like older ford ranger because light pickups are more often than not used as work trucks over the 1500 class. 2500 class is kinda 50/50. Usually most 3500+ pickups are work trucks
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