There is one place I'd like to visit when I get back to Texas, and that's this spot. It was here, in 1995, I comitted to my transition. It was a rough night. It ended badly. But here is where it happened.

The picture on the left is from 2008, still looking much like it did that night. On the right, May 2023. The road I took to get there has pretty much been obliterated and exists only as a property line now. Thankfully, this segment of "Blind Bandit Creek Road" uses the old Kallison Lane road for it's path.

The woods on the right are protected as they're part of the Government Canyon State Park, but that old power line anchor is all that's left of the area as I remember it.

I should go out there before it's gone completely.


How does the disconnect between then and now feel, if I may ask?


@Frances_Larina - Mostly sad. Progress is progress, and farmlands are better suited to tract housing these days in that part of town.

But when it takes over something that shaped the course rest of your life, it's mostly sad.

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Interesting. I have similar place-memories, but for me them existing only in my past parallels that version of me existing only in the past also. I'm not sure if that is good, though?

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