This looks phenomenal, and it has the one thing I'm looking for (not looking for?) in USS Enterprise models: It doesn't have the -A after 1701.

It sounds wierd, considering it's the same Motion Picture Filming Model, but once they put the NCC-1701-A registry number on the ship, it stopped being MY Enterprise.

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@dolari god, I wish I had the space for this, but I've still got a giant Enterprise D model to put together XP

@dolari You could always build your own to make sure it's right:

Nearly 3 feet long!

@cubeyterra - I actually have the Bandai 1:850 lightup one. I've had it in a box for MANY years, mainly because it's super fragile (I had one before, our shared cat mangled it). I don't want to build it until I have a permanent home...but seeing as that may never happen.....

@dolari Ooh, I have built that one. It's a very easy assembly, looks great, especially the astonishingly precise paint. I don't know about yours, but mine came with tiny incandescent bulbs, which are useless and eventually burn out — had to replace them with LEDs.

Def a nice display when you're done

@cubeyterra - Good to hear about the lights burning out! The cat my ex and I had at the time destroyed the model about a month after I built it, so I wasn't able to see the lights burn out. I may replace the lights BEFORE I assemble it just to make sure they keep working.

I also need to find a way to make the deflector blue. Maybe replacing the LED for that with a blue one would help. I don't remember if it's it's own light, or it's light piped elsewhere.

@dolari From my photos, here's the initial build using the rice lights. I remember being very frustrated with all those wires.

Anyway, yes. It has a single light behind the deflector, so you could replace it with a blue LED (and resistor) or paint the bulb with clear blue laquer?

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