If you were living in space, would you prefer being in orbit around a larger body, in a stable transit orbit between two locations, or in a long-term self-directing transitory vessel?

I was thinking about different 'places' in space, and it seems like there's only so many ways you could be out there.

You could be in orbit around something, like how the space station orbits the Earth.

You could be in a stable transitory orbit, like moving around the Sun in an orbit that takes you between Earth and Mars on a repeating circuit, or...

you could be in a long-term self-directing transitor vessel, like a spaceship moving from one planet to another, only to move on again, not intending to just be in orbit, but to go somewhere different all the time.

This'd be mostly just your 'home' tho, you don't have to stay there. ^.^

@relee if i can't just *be* a ship, i'd prefer to live in a deep-space vessel, dropping into hypersleep for decades at a time, emerging for a few months to make course corrections, sift through data and record scientific findings, go back into hypersleep, rinse, repeat. proooobably slipping in and out of Space Madness at various points.

so, y'know, going. Boldly.


@001zlnv @relee a ship AI can be a glowy naked space lady sometimes, as a treat

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