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today's plot brainworm: it's "Stranger Things," but instead of "80's kids deal with Lovecratian abominations and psyonics" it's "90's kids unearth a UFO and one of them is an alien abductee and learns how to pilot it and lead their friends to a Strange Alien Future"


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if you think that your god makes things moral just by commanding them, then you thinks its moral to rape little children and keep them as life long slaves. and that makes you a fucking pedo ass monster


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it would really be a shame if people started going into places like target and demand the removal of all religious iconography from the abrahamic religions, seeing as in their own book their god commands them to rape entire cities of 10-11 year old girls (who had not yet known a man).

the god of abraham is a fucking pedophile, and maybe if they want to play the protecting children game, we should play it as well. call them what they are: pedos


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Free eBook:

Our History Has Always Been Contraband illuminates the ways we can collectively work toward freedom for all - through abolition, feminism, racial justice, economic empowerment, etc.

It includes excerpts of work by Frederick Douglass, Zora Neale Hurston, W. E. B. Du Bois, James Baldwin, June Jordan, Angela Y. Davis and others.

Edited by Colin Kaepernick, Robin D. G. Kelley, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor.

Paperback due in July. @haymarketbooks


#haymarket #racialJustice #abolition #ebook Please Boost

SO hyped for the release of Metal Gear Solid: Very Large Green Triangles

i wonder how much disk space the archive.org banned books collection takes up.

i wonder how many cheap USB sticks i can buy for $50.

i wonder how many "little libraries" are in my neighborhood.


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The kids are going to be alright. They're fighting like hell for their future. Will you join them?

Orange County Virginia valedictorian calls on school board members to resign at graduation

“Our teachers get paid virtually nothing, yet they protect their student body to the highest standard possible. What do they get in return? They’re called groomers by parents on Facebook. Instead of our school board backing these teachers, they buy into the narrative and concern themselves more with depriving students of their basic freedoms, releasing policies to take away Black history and forcibly outing students who are not heterosexual,” Mthethwa said, calling on the immediate resignation of three members of the Orange County School Board."


#Antifa #Education #News

you say "stealth mission," i say "find a vantage point and spam bomb arrows until the problem goes away." we are not the same.

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Josie (6 years old), Bertha (6 years old) and Sophie (10 years old) worked regularly at the Maggioni Canning Company. Work began at 4 AM and the three would make from $9 to $15 a week. Sophie would do six pots of oyster a day and her mother who also worked with her said "She don't go to school. Works all the time."

Through such photos, Lewis Hine documented the harsh working conditions borne by thousands of children, who were sent to work soon after they could walk, and were paid based on how many buckets of oysters they shucked daily.

He covered around 50,000 miles a year, photographing children from Chicago to Florida working in coal mines and factories.

These photos helped to raise an outcry against child labor and made the American public become widely aware of the scope of the problem. This resulted in the establishment of organizations such as the National Child Labor Committee, in 1904, which led the fight against child labor.

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If your state limits access to gender affirming care, there's the DIY HRT directory. You can learn how to access hormones without a prescription. When they criminalize our existence, we don't have a moral responsibility to respect their laws.
#TransRightsAreHumanRights #LGBTQ #LGBT #Transgender #Trans #Transmen #Transwomen #hrt #Transmasc #Transfem


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anti-trans laws, uspol 

When I was 10, I came out as transgender. I was a girl and I knew it.

I was one of the lucky ones.

After four painful years, I was fortunate enough to access gender-affirming health care. First testosterone blockers. Later estrogen, the stuff my peers soaked in for years while I threw myself into software development to distract from pain.

Despite being old enough to go through the wrong puberty and suffer its permanent changes, it took four years to access the medical fix. Four years of gender therapy, hard talks with doctors, and a lot of determination.

There’s a vicious myth that kids just walk into clinics and leave with hormones. Quite the opposite.

I was lucky: my parents supported me, and by then we lived near San Francisco, where a gender clinic was willing to take me as patient.

I’m 21 now. I’ll be blunt: if not for gender-affirming care, I don’t know if I would be around. If there would be FOSS graphics drivers for Mali-T860 or the Apple M1.

If I were a few years younger, lived in the wrong part of the US, that may well be the reality, because gender-affirming care is banned for minors in conservative areas across the United States. Texas, for example, would threaten to take me from my loving parents under Greg Abbott’s directive.

Even now, I’m lucky I don’t live in the wrong place: the medication I’m prescribed is banned for adults in several American states.

I fear the 2024 election. How long until there’s a ban nationwide?

In high school, I knew this day might come. I applied to Canadian universities. Canada isn’t perfect, far from it. But stripping trans rights isn’t on the ballot yet.

Growing up, we liked visiting Florida.

Now there are travel advisories against it.

One recent Florida law threatens jail time if a trans person uses the bathroom - any bathroom - in a public space. I remember in high school, arguing back against “bathroom bills” designed to marginalize trans people. They seem tame next to the vile attacks on trans people championed by Ron DeSantis.

What’s next?

Does anybody remember the Nuremberg laws?

I was raised Jewish. Growing up, we were haunted by the spectre of the Holocaust. I knew queer Germans were in the cross-hairs alongside Jews. I didn’t know that Berlin was a queer centre before Hitler came to power.

In high school, I understood if fascists came to power in the United States, I might be first to go. Nazis had a special symbol for people like me: a pink triangle superimposed on a yellow triangle. I was 16 when I wondered if one day I would be forced to wear it.

In 2020, Donald Trump used the Nazi’s symbol for political prisoners – forced to be worn in camps – to threaten leftists in a campaign ad.


You don’t need to like Democrats, but I need you to understand that if you vote Republican in 2024, you vote erasure. You vote oppression. You vote fascism.

Maybe you “just have some concerns” about trans kids.

I was a trans kid, and I want you to know that DeSantis, Abbott, and Trump were my nightmares. Their policies will lead to the deaths of transgender Americans. With hundreds of GOP-sponsored anti-trans bills and laws simultaneously sweeping the United States, it’s hard to believe this isn’t by design.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The trans experience isn’t inherently defined by suffering. Not for trans kids, not for trans adults.

When treated with respect, allowed to transition, when we can access the medication we know we need, life can be great.

Personally, I have felt virtually no gender-related discomfort in years now.

I once recoiled at my reflection. Now I look in the mirror and smile at the cute woman smiling back at me. I’m surrounded by lovely friends, and we support each other. Laugh together. Cry together. Text endless stickers of cartoon sharks together. Past the shared struggle, there is immense trans joy.

When we are made to suffer – by banning our medication, arresting us for peeing, legislating our identities out of existence on the road to establishing a theocratic state – that is a policy choice.

We’re not asking for much. We don’t want special treatment. We just want respect. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Right now I want legislators to get the fuck out of our doctors’ office.

I’m on the board overseeing Linux graphics. Half of us are trans. If all you care about is Linux, resist the attacks on trans people.

If you have any decency, fight back.

It’s your choice.


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A famous story about the Superman radio show of the 1940s is that it prevented a postwar revival of the Klu Klux Klan because of a storyline in which Superman investigated & defeated a Klan-lookalike gang. This story was widely popular and by portraying the Klan unfavourably, is supposed to have stemmed their growing membership. SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN is a YA graphic adaptation of the story, written by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by Gurihiru. (1/2)

#comics #books #bookstodon

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"to see everything from afar, how our problems and worries just melt away when viewed from above, how insignificant and futile arguments between nations become."
– Marcus Aurelius

if you have time to spare, take ten minutes to read this article because it lays out pretty clearly all the yelling about 's i have been doing for the last decade.

tl;dr, three basic points:

1. we don't know what they are.
2. what they are could be beyond our comprehension.
3. Minotaurs are an underappreciated cryptid and should be treated with respect.


here is the news (doo dah doot dee doot) 

apparently i am a work in progress.

and apparently the progress loops in on itself at some points, and then dips terrifyingly downward, revealing lower levels of decay and anxiety hastily papered over by other versions of me who are no longer around to be held responsible.

but that all sounds okay, right? it's normal. everybody's got issues. we can't all be struggling all day every day to contemplate the world of horror we live in while fighting our own troubled minds, locked in eternal battle with our inner selves. surely other people are handling it all perfectly well, right?


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