So many folks answered my living in space question with "I want to be the spaceship." and I guess I already knew I had a lot of transhuman friends and also others who would be too focused on now to have fantasies of life in the future, either in space or posthuman. XD

So tell me about your future ideal self/selves! What do you want to be, and what should it be like?


*deep breath, cracks knuckles*

ultimately, i wish to be a single networked mind that inhabits multiple bodies simultaneously. this would most likely require quantum tunneling-level networking and unlimited bandwidth, so i would expect, best case scenario, to have inhabited at least one or two previous iterations of artificial bodies before we get to that point.

my ideal scenario is to have multiple bodies in multiple forms carrying on multiple roles--hardened carapaces and industrial strength servos for space exploration, deep sea exploration and environmental cleanup, a delicate and beautiful Soriyama-style frame for social interaction, a Hecatonchires-style body for simply wandering the earth and observing nature without needing to take anything from it.

i would not be adverse to also inhabiting a body or two that exist in a purely virtual space, perhaps for gaming purposes; or a recloned flesh body that would be stripped of the physical imperfections and sicknesses that currently make my life miserable.

if being a multiplexed mind was not an option and i had to pick one body-type that could take on multiple roles, i keep coming back to an arachnotaur-style frame--eight legs for stability and terrain traversal, spider thorax, humanoid torso and upper body for doing things that humanoid bodies are good for, like soldering, typing, waving hello and drinking tea.

@zx3 I replied to your other reply with a question that this would be a response to. XD

What does a Hecatonchires-style body look like? Isn't that the titans from greek myth with a heck of a lot of eyes?

I like the idea of VR as a 'place' but I don't think you can really have a 'body' there since it's a projection of a real-world thing, it needs a real-world body looking into it from outside. That's what I think, anyways.

It sounds like you want to be just one person, spread out, right?


@relee @zx3 - I for one wouldn't mind a mind transference to my SL avvie. Even with all the limitations of being stuck in there.

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@dolari @zx3 Yeah but like I said, even if you're experiencing that as your reality, your 'brain' is still in the real world somewhere. It might be on servers in Linden Labs I guess?

I sometimes think that in the future, people will be divided between folks with mobile frames and immobile frames. Like, androids and people who are basically a fridge sized supercomputer living a dream in virtual space. I also imagine those serverpeople might have wheels or treads but not use them much...

@relee @zx3 - Life is perception. If I'm sitting on a server somewhere, but uploaded into a virtual world which is all I can percieve, that's fine. Sure, I'm on a shelf somewhere, but what I'm experiencing is something better.

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