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If you've only ever used Mastodon through an app, you might want to try using it through your server's website too.

Each server has its own website which you can use your account on. To access the web version, just go to your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc) on any phone or computer and type the address of your server. Log in with the same ID and password as you do on the app.

For example, if your account is on the server, you can log in on its website

Living in America is being forced to rely on multiple unsustainable, broken systems that nobody likes but which politicians can't bear to get rid of lest we receive 0.00001% more than they think we deserve.

I wasn't radicalized by reading theory but by paying attention to the suffering all around me.

And honestly, the most radicalizing thing of all has been the indifference of the privileged and the powerful to that suffering.

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Hey you.

Yeah, you. In front of the screen.

Keep being weird. 👍

The wealthy white ruling class talks to and listens only to itself.

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Biden : we need more money from Congress to fund vaccine distribution

GOP : get fucked

Biden : we have to end free vaccines and research

Media : Biden ends free vaccination

GOP : see, you can’t trust the Government on Health

Moderna CEO : omg guys my bonus is huge lmao

#COVIDisNotOver #Politics

The best part about having several trans people on staff at the makerspace and coffee shop is that our membership and customer base become self selecting.

You have a problem with my staff, get the fuck out of my building and never come back. I'll remove you myself, physically, if I need to.

It feels a little like the dust has begun to settle since dumpster fire evacuees made their way over.

Everyone was eager to either learn how to use mastodon, or eager to show others how to use it.

And overtime a lot of people made this place their home. Not everyone stayed, but a good amount did.

The people who did stay, (at least as far as I can tell from my followers), seem to be eager to help Mastodon continue to be a great place to be.

I'm grateful. Thank you for staying.

Published in 2016, this brilliant comic by artist Joe Dator somehow feels even more timely in 2023. #art

There is a serious push to present DeSantis as a better option for Republicans than Trump, but DeSantis is more of a fascist than Trump. He's just more capable of focusing on advancing fascism than Trump, and the right likes that.

who called it “hacking and posting about it on mastodon” and not “rootin’ tootin’”???

it'd be very different if SHE peed on agent simmons


Kotobukiya Transformers 1/7 Scale Bumblebee Bishoujo Statue is up for preorder at HLJ ($140.24) -


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Drive-in Saturday: you're all becoming stronger, faster hunters.