It's funny how the mind plays tricks on you, changes your preceptions. You interpret your place in the world, and create memories from what you do in life. And even those memories are interpretations that can change over time.

I was running around some of my old haunts back in Texas. There was one spot where I got out and walked around the street I grew up on. Memories upon memories upon memories.

And in them, I'm a young girl.

I mean, I've always mentally been a girl. But physically, not so much. Not until 1997, and these are memories from the mid 80s. I see those memories of Dave and me, Steph and me, friends and me. And in each one, I'm a girl. But in the pictures, which are a bit more concrete than memory, I'm not.

I wonder if any other transfolks have these "re-written" memories.


if protests didn't work, we wouldn't have the Supreme Court subverting our First Amendment rights of freedom of expression and assembly to side with fascists in Texas and other states to outlaw protests.


it is imperative, that if anti-fascist Americans have no other choice but to vote for Democrats, that we protest their bad policies.

if we do not protest #Biden & the #Democrats ever? then the fascists have won.


I'm reminded of some of the bonkers early 2000s tech that Cathode Ray Dude has been reviewing lately and his argument that "it got someone a promotion", even though it was unwanted, broken, and utterly useless.

We're seeing that with AI now; "It got someone a promotion".

Next time you're not sure you have time to vote.... maybe read this.


She won by less than 300 votes!

Get your ballot at

#RegisterToVote #RegisterNow #Register #Register #Vote #BidenHarris2024 #abortion #AbortionIsHealthcare #women #womenshealth #ReproductiveRights #Arizona #az

@AbortionFront @womensvoices @uspolitics

Thank you to Stephen Colbert and everyone at The Late Show for the opportunity to come and speak about my new book, “My Lost Freedom.” These stories are important, and I'm grateful for the chance to share mine.

Big thanks to everyone who let me know that Saru's couch in #StarTrekDiscovery's "Jinaal", which also appeared in Sneed's abode in #StarTrekPicard's "Disengage", is actually a Terrazza sofa by Ubald Klug, also appearing on #DoctorWho in "Robots of Death" + "Timelash". :-)

Life insurance commercials be like "My family is going to be really happy when I'm dead "

A lot of these Sensitive Content filters really look like aliens staring at you REAL close.

Picard management tip: Study history. The answers are there.

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