Today I learned that if you put in some frozen veggies and a spoonful of Garlic Chili Paste, you can make any Maruchan ramen into Shin Ramyun. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. :)

Always a sign of a possible pending power outage - my UPS kicks in despite the power staying on cause it detected a voltage dip.

Weather outside isn't BAD, but it's bad enough somewhere that someone around me lost power. I also heard my printer click a few times, which always happens during a voltatge dip.

David Grohl on an old episode of Almost Live! Soundgarden was on an episode I watched yesterday....

I guess they WERE locals...why not use 'em?

This Week's Fancy Pants Meal: Todd's Grilled Pork Tenderloin (Take 2)

So last week I attempted to make this and failed because I cooked it too long (my meat thermometer said safe pork was 160F and that was WAAAY too long). This time I did it at 145F, and it was PERFECT. And really good, too.

It has a rather sweet-and-salty taste. Wasn't sure that peach and pork would go well together, but it absolutely does. Add a shit ton of butter, and you've got a good meal. Butter rarely fails. :)

I did tweak the recipe a little, mainly because (1) I'm making this with pork loin chops and (2) it wasn't salty enough the first time around. The instructions are fairly vague, too, for a cookbook, so I edited them a bit from the book.

# Todd's Grilled Pork Tenderloin
Cooking with JB & Jamie

1.0 pound pork tenderloin
1.5 oz peach preserves
1.5 tbsp water (glaze)
1.0 tbsp pickled jalapenos (minced)
1.0 tbsp honey
0.125 cube chicken bouilion
0.125 tsp hot water (dill butter)
0.3333333333333333 cup butter (softened)
0.3333333333333333 tsp dill flakes
0.125 tsp garlic minced
2.0 tsp onions (diced)
0.5 tsp garlic powder
0.5 tsp coarse black pepper
0.5 tsp lemon pepper
0.5 tsp salt (seasoning)

Royers Grilling Seasoning
1 - Mix together equal amounts of garlic powder, coarse black pepper, lemon pepper and salt for seasoning.
2 - Set aside.

Royer's Dill Butter
3 - Crush the chicken bouillon cube.
4 - Dissolve the bouillon cube in hot water by cooking it on high in the microwave a 10 seconds at a time until dissolved..
5 - Combine the bouillon mixture with butter, dill flakes, garlic and onion. Mix well.
6 - Set aside.

Peach 'n' Pepper Glaze
7 - Add peach preserves, pickled jalapeños, honey and water for glaze together in a small pot.
8 - Bring to a boil
9 - Pour into a container and set aside.

10 - Coat the Tenderloin with Royer's Grilling Seasoning
11 - Heat half the Royer's Dill Butter in a cast iron skillet over medium high heat
12 - Place the tenderloin in the heated skillet
13 - Once tenderloin is halfway done, cut center to butterflyand baste with remaining Royer's Dill Butter.
14 - Cook until center is pink and tender. Don't overcook!
15 - Plate on serving dish.
16 - Top with Royer's Peach 'n' Pepper Glaze

Haven't had a good sit-down-and-enjoy Saturday Night Sci-Fi Theater in a while....

Wierd seeing slightly spicier Bill Nye the Science Guy from 1990....

My neck was feeling good enough that I spent the evening beginning my monthly house Deep Clean.

I've been meaning to switch my 3x3 and 4x2 shelving for a while now, and in the spirit of hoping I'll be keeping my apartment, I decided to finally pull that trigger.

Was very happy with the change as it really opened up the living room. Might move the lamp by the to the space between the sofa and the shelf. Maybe. Use that negative space. But that's more effort....

The Video Game Shrine as of 11PM.

That cereal box amiibo is not gonna last there, I don't think.

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the same....

I still have an old DOS program to make ASCII art out of images. But you kinda have to squint.

So, while this isn't one of those outfits I mentioned as one of my "more feminine" outfits that I wear in Second Life, if I WANTED to wear roman robes in front of my long-gone pickup truck at a picnic blanket, I CAN, and no one will bat an eye at it.

In fact, this is one of the more boring looks in Second Life. ;)

This Week's Bread: Sadie's Bruschetta

A nice bread dish that's good hot, but sadly, doesn't keep well. Still tasty,'s no longer crunchy toasty.

I'd go with slightly less red onion, or slightly more salt (which is to taste, anyways). Never sure about that when dealing with red reaction to red onion is pretty strong for some reason.

# Sadie's Bruschetta

Cooking with JB & Jamie

1.0 whole tomato (diced)
0.5 whole red onion (diced)
10.0 leaves basil (chopped)
1.0 tbsp garlic (minced)
salt (to taste)
olive oil
1.0 whole loaf french bread
1.0 pound fresh mozzarella (sliced)
balsamic reduction

1 - Mix together tomato, onion, basil, garlic and salt.
2 - Let the mixture marinate in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes (we recommend one hour or more) to bring out the best flavor.
3 - Spread a little olive oil on slices of French bread.
4 - Toast bread and cut into squares.
5 - Place toasted bread on a platter and top with mozzarella.
6 - Top with a spoonful of tomato mixture and drizzle with balsamic reductions.

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