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Comics (yes, comics) and game streams news:

Game Streams:

As you may have notice game streams have stopped. This is due to a worsening chronic cough I've developed over the last few years (you can actually hear it starting as far back as the Play All The Zeldas Quest II streams). I did one a few weeks ago and while the cough wasn't bad, it was worsened through the stream.

So, what I plan to do is instead of doing a stream a week, I'm going to do a one-off game every month. Mainly to guage how my cough is doing (it's getting better, but not going away, something my doctors are looking into). Once I'm able to do a stream without coughing too badly through it, I'll reinstate the once-a-week streams and get back to finishing up Skyward Sword, then Mario VS Donkey Kong and move on from there.

The first one-off stream should be April 7. I might do a April Fools day special like I did a few years ago (where I played every Zork game for seven hours straight), but again, I don't think my cough will let that happen.

Comics News:

The comics have been dormant for years. Two reasons: (1) Life has sucked for a while now and (2) ever since I beacem diabetic, my eyesight took a big hit, making it hard to stare at computer screens.

I'm INCREDIBLY near sighted, meaning that without glasses, for things to not be blurred they have to be just a few inched from my face. Since I became diabetic, I've required bifocals that, when I look at my tablets, require me to tilt my head back to see clearly, and that was painful and achey on my neck (you might remember pics of my old drawing setup where the tablet was almost flat under my TV...this was why I did that). Both those helped kinda stall the comics.

I recently had an eye exam, and my optometrist mentioned that my eyesight hadn't gotten worse on any big way, and if I'd like, I could keep using my old glasses. But my insurance would be willing to pay for new glasses when I wanted them. I told her my troubles and she suggested a set of glasses specifically for computer use, where the bifocals separate much higher up and it's been a godsend.

I worked on some art a few weeks ago, and it was a great success (the drawing sucked, but I'm WAY out of practice), so I'm hoping to get back to comics again. Maybe not weekly, but at least one a month. ::fingers crossed::

And that's The State of the Comics/Streams! Stuff is FINALLY coming!

Three medical appointments down, two to go, two to try and schedule.


Also, pure oxygen smells like an old Lowe's lumber yard.

Excuse me, fedi community, I'm German and new here, where on this website can I find the application form for a mental health catfoxgirl? I have a note from my doctor that I'm elegible for one

Jenn: "I kinda get wierd under sedation, so if I say something funny, record it. And if I say something offensive, hit me. I won't feel it."

Crystal: "I'm not gonna hit you while you're on painkillers!"

Today we are shining a spotlight on Semiiina, a talented live singer and musician taking the virtual music scene by storm with her soulful performances that blend a range of styles and influences.

Read her interview ➡️

#SecondLife #SecondLifeSpotlight #VirtualWorld #Metaverse #VirtualPhotography #Semiiina #LiveMusician

Boy am I glad I like chicken soup, cause I've had nothing but Chicken Broth for 48 hours and am still not sick of it.

Gonna get a pizza after all this, though.

"A transgender person peed in this bathroom and nothing bad happened, we are not monsters we are Human Beings. Transphobia kills, RIP Brianna Ghey"

Seen in a public bathroom in Edinburgh, Scotland

Give a person a program, frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program, frustrate them for a lifetime.

I interviewed Michelle Yeoh a few years ago about #StarTrekDiscovery and I mentioned offhand that I'd written an article about what seeing her use her accent on the bridge of a starship meant to me.

She stopped and said "Wait, that was YOU?"

And then proceeded to talk about how much that article had meant to HER and how it contributed to the success of the show.

I can't think about it without crying.

(The original article:

#MichelleYeoh #StarTrek #Oscars

Friends have said I should do a cooking stream. I don't think I will, just cause, well, once you saw my face on screen, the next sound you'd hear are fists punching monitors across the world.

But if I did, it'd probably be something akin like Brutalmoose's BrutalFoods videos:

Happy Pi Day!

(I'm sad to say that I use the memnonic in the middle of the song to remember digits of pi)

This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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Drive-in Saturday: you're all becoming stronger, faster hunters.