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"just google it" mfs acting like there isn't AI generated trash, 20 ads at the top, extremely bad advice, and completely irrelevant stuff when you do google something

Sometimes these English over-dubs take a little more work than just copying the audio over. It's just a hard cut, but this bootleg was missing the opening and closing which...well...makes for a bad hard-cut. But bad is better than nothing.

YouTube Ad: "Look at you, nearing the big Five Oh! You've been putting money away for retirement--"


"Alright, boys, get your guns ready. The pumpkin heist is GO!"

I love Halloween. All the wierd candies come out of hiding.

I do worry that this will find it's way to the Supreme Court, and given it's current state, will be used to remove same-sex marriage.

Too big to be a slider. Too small to be a burger. Yeast roll as the bun!

Well, if I'm going to be out more, I should, well, be out more.

I sometimes picture my cat as a Ferengi going " :CatNoLike: Hu-mans!"

The GOP thinks the answer to states where they are losing on issues like abortion and gerrymandering is to increase their attacks upon democracy. They did this in Wisconsin, trying to impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz after she was duly elected. They did it in Ohio, trying to game the system with Issue 1. The voters are on to them, and they're getting really pissed off. It’s not a good look, and they will remember in 2024.

To derive pleasure from hatred is to revel in dishonor. A true warrior knows that hate is a source of misery, not of glee. Resist those who take delight in harming others, know hate when you see it, and may you forever feel the righteous joy of standing against it.

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Drive-in Saturday: you're all becoming stronger, faster hunters.