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Okay, I’ve just been stunned into stupefaction.

Just got passed by a car with three bumper stickers.

“Coexist” - with various religious and diversity symbols for the letters.
“Peace” - again, with various symbols for the letters.
“Moms For Liberty”.


As Sesame Street once sang, “One of these things is not like the others…”

Are you colder than the surrounding high-humidity air? You may be entitled to condensation

@amyedge Honestly, I’m not sure there is. Most “conservative” writers I read these days would be better off with crayons and coloring books. I think that’s why, for example, the Post, because of its purported interest in “balance”, chooses to pay people like Hugh Hewitt, who can occasionally write an actual sentence even if he can’t reason. He, Sean Hannity, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are what pass for Republican “thinkers” now — God help us.

Everyone: Hello, we would like society to improve.

Billionaires: Too bad, go scream into the void instead.

Everyone: Okay.

Billionaires: Also, we have bought all the voids. It now costs $100 to scream into the void.

Testing myself on how many hockey teams i can name and at least five of these are just made up

📢 #layoffs are almost always separate from #performance 📢

Keep this in mind when you are reviewing employees that have been affected by layoffs.

#hope #career #careers #laidoff #opentowork #hiring #hiringmanager #hiringmanagers

Why hasn't the BBC marketed a Dr Pepper clone called Doctor Who

Okay, once the Angel Biscuits cooled down, they were FANTASTIC.

"I really miss the early 90s."
"Were they REALLY that much better?"
"Not really. I just had a lot more hope."

This Week's Bread: Angel Biscuits (take two)

Tried the recipe again, this time with double the salt. Also accidentally overdosed on the buttermilk, so I made it into a double recipe of eight instead of four.

I also did chill the dough in the fridge for a few hours. It really did add a lot of flakiness to the biscuit. It's not more of a rolll-type biscuit instead of a biscuit-like roll.

The extra salt helped a lot, but the bread on its own still tastes a bit bland. A pat of butter makes for a good roll, though, and I can imagine using it to soak up some gravy would make the rolls taste amazing.

# Angel Biscuits

Fredericksburg Home Kitchen Cook Book
(The book says this makes 72 small biscuits)

5.0 cups flour
0.75 cup shortening
1.0 tsp baking soda
2.0 tsp salt
3.0 tsp baking powder
3.0 tbsp sugar
2.25 tsp yeast
0.5 cup lukewarm water
2.0 cups buttermilk

1 - Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm water.
2 - Sift the dry ingredients together.
3 - Cut in shortening until mixed thoroughly.
4 - Add buttermilk and dissolved yeast.
5 - Work together with a large spoon until all the flour is moistened.
6 - Cover bowl and put in refridgerator. Dough will keep for several weeks in refridgerator. If not refridgerating, allow dough to rise for an hour.
7 - When ready to use take out as much dough as needed, roll 1/2 inch thick and cut.
8 - Bake at 400F on greased cookie sheet 12 minutes, or until browned.

Tonight's Star Trek: The Next Generation is "Disaster."

I've decided that my official Starfleet rank is now "Executive Officer in charge of Radishes."

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the same....

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Drive-in Saturday: you're all becoming stronger, faster hunters.