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Thoughts Before Bed

I used to say I'd hate working from home, but after two years of it, I realized that as long as I make a dedicated space for it, the Bad Juju stays right there, and...well...A lot of my time is wasted on commutes and making myself socially presentable.

I can keep a clean house so easily now, I get shit done, don't need to worry about starting something and having to put it down to force an early bedtime.

Seriously, this is amazing, and we should be fighting to keep it where we can.

Trying to pay off my credit cards while I have the cash, as I have a feeling I'll be digging deep into them later this year. Good news is, I'm super chipping away at them. Bad news, it's still $6000 I need to pay off on them. Just gonna keep chipping away till the paychecks stop.

Released on June 19, 1995, Macintosh System 7.5 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System included an integrated Motorola 68020 "Super FX" co-processor @ 16 MHz with 2 MBs of RAM to supplement the SNES' Ricoh 5A22 3.58 MHz CPU and 128 KBs of general-purpose memory.

Here's Laser Nun! Only a small handful of you will remember her, but she's still very cool ⚡️
#lowpoly #blender3d #b3d

Brain, what is up with you. First a dream where I was dating Hololive's Amelia Watson, then another where I'm dating Mythical's Emily Fleming.

Yes, I'm lonely. No need to drag those two into a doomed relationship with me. Just make them roomies or something.

Warmed my heart unpacking new library books with a coworker yesterday, telling me how happy she is to see books for kids these days featuring positive queer representation and information. I couldn't have imagined that as a child

In a world where you can be anything…

Be kind. ❤️

It’s super easy and makes everyone feel great! :blobcatfistbumpleft: :blobcatfistbumpright:

#JoinIn #MondayMotivation #mastodon #BeKind

I am tired of minimalistic design language

90s resurgence when

Bring back atomic purple

Over in Universe-2, Hostess is still union and tastes amazing

US Politics, Transphobia 

I love how, in the span of two years, we went from conservatives fake-panicking about being fined for misgendering someone, to Republican bills that would fine people for using pronouns that don’t align with sex assigned at birth.

Every accusation a confession, as usual.

Trans liberation now! ✊🏳️‍⚧️ Just so the back row can hear.

#lgbtq #trans #uspol #news

Care about trans rights and Scottish democracy?

Then sign this petition, so Westminster will have to debate why the Tories are fucking over both trans and Scottish people 👇🏽

@ajn142 "I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're going and hook up with them later." --Mitch Hedberg

The increased oversight by conservative extremists of what books librarians can order for school libraries (i.e. cracking down on materials about gender, sexuality, race, and racism) is genuine Nazi behavior.

SCOTUS, trans rights 

One important point that this piece makes:

When Sotomayor asked: “Let’s not avoid the difficult issue, you have a #transgender person who rightly is identifying as a #woman and wants to use the women’s bathroom. So the hard question is: How do we deal with that?”

She telegraphed her likely vote so strongly it was visible from space. Even the few voices of reason on #Dobbs have a significant chance of voting against trans people. Jackson is all that's left.

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So, all that food I cooked for this week? I'm gonna be eating GOOD.

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Drive-in Saturday: you're all becoming stronger, faster hunters.