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Do you think an average #Mastodon user with a couple hundred followers could post a silly #poll to the #Fediverse, and get a million or more votes in 7 days?

Please boost to widen the sample. ;-)


Would you be willing to let me share pictures of your transition timeline on my blog?

There are so many of us that feel like it will be impossible to ever be ourselves. I want to show what social transition, HRT, and/or gender-affirming surgeries are capable of doing for us because I know that would have made a difference for me once upon a time.

If you can reply or send me a direct message with your timeline or before/after images, and let me know whether you want your name/masto handle on it or if you would prefer to have no name/handle on it, I would really appreciate it! The piece in question will discuss a little bit of complicated history of the before/after transition images but then focus on the power of seeing how dynamic our bodies are and how much is possible through different kinds of transition. If you change your mind after sharing, I can always remove your images.

#Trans #Transgender #Transition #GenderEuphoria #Queer

did y'all know WOMEN used to do computer work, not men.

i didn't. i just found that out like 10 years ago and am still shook to this day.

especially when finding out about NASA team of Little Old Ladies and Native American and African American women used their CROCHET, CROSS STITCH & SEWING skills to embed memory chips into everything involving the Apollo project.


and guess what? by their "identity politics" some where bilingual, even polyglot...🧵

The reason why #Threads and #Mastodon are incompatible is that Mastodon is a community, and Threads is a market. That's it.

It's not big Fed vs small Fedi. It's not platforms vs protocols.

It's communities vs markets.

Communities are supportive and markets are extractive. Communities answer to those who must live with decisions made. Markets answer to money.

And wouldn't you know it, those contrasting forces influence people's behaviors, goals, and motivations for engaging with others.

That time I celebrated both April Fools' Day, and got out of playing a Zelda game I didn't like for the old Play All The Zeldas Quest streams:

Watching TV as Princess Zelda in the Bedroom of my multi-tiered house floating in the sky. As one does.

This Week's Fancy Pants Meal: Swedish Ham Balls in Brown Sauce

This one is pretty good. I'm not the biggest fan of meatballs and meatloaf, because I don't like bready beef, but I'll absolutely eat a hamloaf. Soemthing about ham changes the taste that I prefer it to beef.

These hamballs were pretty good, although it absolutely needs some salt. The original recipe has no salt, so next time I make this I'm gonna try a teaspoon of salt.

The sauce was REALLY good. Very sweet-and-sour, but also very liquidy. If I make this again, I'm gonna see about taking the left over sauce after the baking, and reduce it down to something a tad thicker. Make it more of a sauce than a broth.

This comes from a type of cookbook I really really like - employees of a company coming together to share recipes. You get some really good stuff that's simple to make. Although sometimes, you get really bad stuff that's simple to make. Add some salt to this recipe and you have something real good.

# Swedish Ham Balls in Brown Sauce

Sure Cures for Hunger
6.0 servings

1.0 pound ground ham
1.0 cup bread crumbs
1.0 whole beaten egg
0.3333333333333333 cup milk
1.0 cup brown sugar
1.0 tsp mustard
1.0 cup vinegar
0.5 cup water

1 - Combined meat, crumbs, egg and milk. Mix thoroughly.
2 - Form in small balls.
3 - Place in baking pan.
4 - Combine remaining ingredients.
5 - Stir until sugar dissolves and pour over meat balls.
6 - Bake at 325F for 1 hour

In the HD version of #StarTrekTNG's "Future Imperfect" the text on some of the LCARS rectangles on the large sickbay screen is fully legible for the first time. "MED INS COVERAGE AVAIL"↘️, I think I finally (!) found the "Medical Insurance Remaining" Easter egg. 😅

She has risen. Congratulations. Have a happy easter, along with a happy trans day of visibility.

let's keep fighting, and never give up!

(I know I said these redraws would be coming back on April, but I couldn't resist doing something for today!)

#TransDayOfVisibility #MastoArt #FediArt #PixelArt #Art #Animals #Cats #Trans #TransRightsAreHumanRights

Trans day of visibility: reveal the eggs
Easter: hide the eggs

Today is a day when eggs are locked in a state of quantum indecision

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Drive-in Saturday: you're all becoming stronger, faster hunters.