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Every time I hear .
" I am not going to bother to vote because:
-there are so many people in this country my vote won't make a difference
- I am in a red state so my voice won't be heard
-I am fed up politicians are all the same
-my 'rep' won't address my problems/ views even though the other guy is worse I won't vote...
that is what the extreme right wants to hear...apathy and frustration will tip the election to their side.

Use your vote to be heard!

Vote like France !

"People are pirating our shows! You have to stop doing that!"

"So, you're going to make it possible for me to stream Ranma 1/2 and Outlaw Star at all, let alone in subbed uncensored versions, right? And put Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu out there, right? And maybe even have another way to watch most of Nanoha?"


#France proves that the relatively sane majority CAN defeat the far right if we stick together. America. Please take note. #FrenchElections

Macross: Do You Remember Love

I've seen this movie many many times, but never on the big screen. For her 40th anniversary, I decided to fix that (even if it was a virtual big screen).

I saw this for the first time in 1988, and while Macross wasn't my first anime (I got bit by the bug in 1978 with Battle of the Planets), it's one of the more important ones to me.

The movie really hit different after I transitioned. It's certainly a product of it's time and culture. While the main protagonist has a journey from being a mysogynist jerk to someone who cares about the women around him, Misa/Lisa's journey is harder to take...that all she needs for happiness is to find a love and become a homemaker (however temporary).

It's still an amazingly lovely animated movie, and I wish we'd get movies with this style of animation in the US. The only ones I can really think of like this are Heavy Metal and the 1984 Transformers Movie....

This Week's Fancy Pants Meal: Packaged ramen.

Yeah, I screwed this week's recipe way up. It was a SUPER vague recipe with confusing instructions. I'll try again next week.

My website should finally be back up. I've also updated a few things here and there. Let me know if anything is broken.

My website is currently down, but I'm working at bringing it back up ASAP. For now, it looks like my backup site at is currently up with my main site at coming soonish.

There are only two tickets left! I was not expecting the tickets to fly out the window the way they did!

To whoever bought me the BluRay of Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water, thank you.

That opening alone had me in tears, as this was one of the last anime series I followed before leaving organized fandoms. Good memories during rough times there. ❤️

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